Monday, March 14, 2011

Gottcha Day Video

Is the saying better late than never an accurate statement? I've tried to upload this a couple of times, unsuccessfully obviously. Finally, we are able to share this, the happiest moment of our lives!! Hopefully you can see it on our faces; we were overwhelmed with emotion. We had our son!! God is good! I'll let the video speak for itself. 10/11/10 - the single greatest moment of our lives!

(Scroll down to actual video -- I'm something of a technotard and can't figure out how to make the player smaller. I also can't seem to make it be just our video, so after you view our Gottcha Day, YouTube wants you to see a bunch of other videos! Sorry. It's the best I can figure out for now! I may just post a link, but for the time-being......)