Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Photos!

Last night I said to Troy, "I need something. Anything. I've got to have something to hold on to, to get me through another week of waiting." Lo and behold, my prayers were answered! We got new pictures and measurements on Aiden. He looks like such a little peanut. We may be partial, but Troy and I think he is painfully cute! His head has been shaved. We may never know the reason for sure, but since I track the weather in Xi'an (the city nearest Aiden that I can check), we may be able to surmise why. It is excrutiatingly hot there - high temps and high humidity. Lately it has been in the upper 90s there with a heat index in triple digits and not cooling much at night. Poor little guy. After doing some research on orphanages in China, it's a pretty safe bet there is no a/c there. We pray he's not miserable. On the bright side, at least he'll weather South Dakota summers like a champ!

Now, we were thrilled to get the pictures today; however, the measurements leave us scratching our heads. According to the newest information, Aiden has shrunk 4cm, lost 1.5kg, has 3 fewer teeth, and his feet are smaller. Hmmmm. We're going with the theory that one of the updates we got was wrong. :) Our adoption agency is looking into it, but by the looks of the picture, our theory is the smaller measurements are probably the right ones. Did I mention he just a little peanut?

It's hard to imagine we can love somebody we haven't even met yet. We do, though! When I look at him, it's an almost physical pain I want to hold him so badly. We continue to ask for prayers that it will happen sooner rather than later.

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