Friday, July 1, 2011

A Post of Gratitude


Fun at the Park and
All Tuckered Out!

Today marks Aiden's 3rd birthday. Tomorrow we will celebrate with family and friends, and afterwards I will post about his big day and our summer to-date, but right now I want to take time to write a short post dedicated to somebody / something else. At moments like this, we take extra time to really appreciate what we have. We are fortunate to parent this beautiful, funny, bright, gentle, loving, albeit active, energetic, independent (dare I say stubborn?) little boy. We are grateful to God every day that Aiden was brought into our lives. He was brought into our lives, however, because his biological parents practiced pure, selfless and sacrificial love. We cannot imagine how they must have agonized over their decision to give up their baby in hopes of a better life for him -- maybe in exchange for life itself. The gut-wrenching sadness is hard to fathom. And, on Aiden's birthday, I wanted to take a moment to honor his birth parents. I'm sure they think of him everyday and hope for his well-being, but on these special occassions, the sense of loss has to be overwhelming. As I cry and type this, the best I can do is pray that wherever they are, God grants them peace. I pray He has somehow spoken to their hearts, and they know he is a healthy, happy, three-year-old with a creative, bright mind of his own. We are privileged to share these milestones with our precious boy because of their brave decision, and daily we are grateful. May God bless them!

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