Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can It Really Be a Year Ago?

It is hard to imagine that a year ago today, Troy and I were beginning our journey to China. Exactly one year ago today, we were strapped in a metal tube, about 36,000 feet in the air, anticipating the most precious gift God has ever given us. It is hard to recall the exact emotions of the time. We were facing so many unknowns. From the simple: what did our son's voice sound like? what would he look like in person, not in a photograph? what would he feel like to hold in our arms? To the significant: how bad was his heart? would he attach to us? would it be love at first sight for us, or would we have to grown in love ? what other issues would we face that we couldn't even contemplate faced us?

I remember waking up and being ready to go at 3:30 in the morning. Somehow, after only a few restless hours of sleep, neither Troy nor I were tired. We were ready to go get Aiden, figuratively chomping at the bit, dreading the next few days that stood between us and our son. More than anything though, I recall how surreal it all felt. We were going to get our son??!! A little person was waiting (however unkowingly on his part) for us half way around the world? How was that possible?

One year ago today. How can so much time have passed? Is it possible that it has really been 12 months since we boarded that plane to start the journey that would change our lives for the better...the so-much-better-than-we-ever-could-have-fathomed-better? A year ago we sat down, strapped in, and jetted off to our destiny: Feng RenJie. Aiden Joseph Sturgeon. The light of our lives. We thank God for the beautiful gift he bestowed upon us. A gift we set off to get one year ago today!

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