Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I800 Provisional Approval

This is going to be a short post, but....We got our I800 provisional approval today. PTL! As I was sitting out at my wonderful friend's house (thanks again Ann) trying to forget the distressing news from Aiden's Dr. appt yesterday,

I got the email that said,

"Hi Diane,

I just approved your I-800. You should receive your approval notice in 7-10 days. Have a great day!"

Ah yeah. That should help my day!! I screamed. Jenny Rae and Ann joined in the excitment, I emailed Emily, called Troy (sadly, in that order), and then I returned to my usual practical self. I tried to start figuring out possible travel dates and contemplating what would work for our family. On the return trip from Baltic to Soo Foo, I called Steve, our agency's travel guru, and really didn't learn all that much. It's still a pretty broad spectrum. I get the impression, though, that mid-August is a VERY real possibility. That's amazing as the sooner we can get Ethan the better, obviously, and we could travel with another family going to the same province getting a little one just two months older than Ethan. Conversely, that would mean missing out on much-needed in-service money and setting the tone for our classes. We are in emotional turmoil about our options. I will not, however, get my undies in a bunch until we have an idea about our earliest possible travel date. ;) No matter how we look at it, though, we are getting VERY close to going to get our sweet baby. Ethan Fletcher, we are getting ever so close....


  1. Such great news! I can't really think beyond LOA, so it's good to know what comes next. Hope the rest of the ppwk goes smoothly!

  2. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for a little while. I am also with Holt, but just a little ahead of you. I have been reading the China Forums, but I do not post anything. I received my NVC letter today. I will be traveling to get my not quite so little guy (he's five) maybe during the middle of August. I too am a teacher. (elementary media specialist) I have a blog called Rainforest Babies. If you don't mind, I would like to communicate or if not, best wishes.

    My email is jmm205@verizon.net

  3. Hey Jane! I sent you an email a while back. I hope you received it :) We are hoping to be traveling at the end of August (but still kind of holding out hope for the middle of August). Ahhh! Best of luck to you in your travels and adoption!