Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jetlag -- My Nemesis

I've been up since 4:00 A.M. Believe it or not, despite this, last night was my best night's sleep since we've been home. I won't go into all the gory details, but suffice it to say, the 13 time zones we went through are kicking my butt. I got about 6 hours with only 1 interruption, though! It's progress. I prefer that to going to bed around 11 and waking up for the day at 1:30 or so and having to nap during the day. The boys seem to be on the right track, too. Aiden crashed at 7:00 last night after a no-nap day and is still sleeping (and he only woke up once last night -- he was my 1 interruption). Ethan went to bed at 8:00, is still sleeping, and didn't wake up once during the night. Yay! Troy was up until about midnight last night. Poor guy. He has to go back to work today. We'll see how he fares. The general rule of thumb is, to fully recover, it takes one day for every time zone you pass through. That's almost two weeks. We've only been home for four days. This week could be killer for him. Not only does he have to teach all day, but he also has football practice after school. Now. That also means I will be home alone with my two whiny, clingy, fighting, active guys until around 6:00. Heaven help me.

Here are some photos of said boys:

"So. You're what they call a cat, huh?" Actually, he still calls her a go-go, or dog. ;)

Enjoying Labor Day

All boy. Playing with his dump truck and sand.

No. It is NOT ok to eat sand.

Happy to be home

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  1. Oh, jetlag is the WORST. I hope things are getting a bit better. They are both just the cutest. I didn't comment on your previous post, but wanted to say how awesome your support system is! :-)