Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wanted, Prayed for, Chosen, LOVED!

Today is orphan Sunday. There is a oft-used saying in the adoption community -- especially when we get the comment, "You know, you can't save them all!" It is then when we lucky adoptive parents can say,

~Adopting one child WON'T change the world, BUT
for that child, the world WILL change
Author Unknown

That only tells half the story, though. It should continue,

~And for those fortunate enough to adopt,
THEIR world will be changed, too, for the better!~

So much better.

November is adoption month. Today is orphan Sunday. Please take a few minutes to think of and pray for those who still await their forever families. Maybe, just maybe, even ask yourself is your son or daughter out their waiting to meet you through the gift of adoption.

Orphans no more:
:( I can't seem to load Aiden's baby picture from the orphanage, but you get the idea!

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