Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's No LOA,

but beggars can't be choosers. We got an update today. I'm so excited! There were no pictures, so I had to snapshot them from a Movie Maker AFTER I figured out how to rotate the video. There's an hour and half of my life I'll never get back! However, if it's possible, it appears he is even cuter than before.

See?! And, it seems he's a tall boy! He's not yet three years old and is 97cm or 3' 2" tall and is 12.6kg which is almost 28lbs! On the American scale, he's in the 50-75% percentile for height but only 10-25% for weight. So, tall and skinny! We learned he has been healthy and has no allergies. Again, the update indicated he is well-suited for gymnastics. Sigh. That can't be good. We also learned he has a foster brother who is 25 months old. Then we got the some of the sweetest insights. We were told that Carter gets along well with his foster brother and protects him when he is bullied. Awwwww. When asked if he knows of us, we were told that he has seen our pictures, knows we are coming, and is happy when he looks at our pictures. <3 We were also told that when he is upset, "Please holding him in your arms and touching his back softly..." Oh. Sweet boy. No worries!

Finally, we watched the video...just shy of 100 times. What we ascertained is that he definitely has hearing loss. Of course we don't know to what extent, but it seems pretty obvious that, in contrast to the audiogram we received a few months ago, he does have some level of hearing loss. We were told that he always speaks but others cannot understand him. We cannot wait to introduce him to language! It will be so exciting to watch him grow and blossom. What a privilege! Hopefully we'll be talking to him soon!

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  1. Did they seriously say that he is "well suited to gymnastics"? I just freaking love that--there are so very many ways to interpret it! He is SOOOOOO cute!!! And sounds like a real sweetie. He will be a wonderful addition to your family---maybe with a few climbing features added to the backyard? Ha ha! Come ON, LOA!