Saturday, August 21, 2010

Consulate Appointment / Travel Dates!

It's hard to imagine, but it has finally happened. We got our consulate appointment! We leave for Beijing, China, on October 5. Our plan is as follows:
Arrive in Bejing on October 6 (We're scheduled to land at 2:40 PM local time. We had decided to go a day early because all the other flights we had looked at landed at about 11:30 PM on the 6th. Looks like we're going to have an extra day we hadn't really planned on. Oh well!)
October 7, depending on how we feel, will probably be a "down day," a day to adjust and refresh. But, since we are getting in so early the previous day, we may be up to finding some local sights.
October 8 we are taking a day trip / tour to The Great Wall and the hutongs. It's difficult to comprehend we're actually going to see these. We are so blessed!
October 9 we have our orientation with Holt, and then as a group, we will visit Tiannamen Square and The Forbidden City.
The next day, October 10, we are scheduled to go to Aiden's province, Shaanxi, with three other couples. October 10 is GOTTCHA DAY! We will meet our son in Xian. There are no words to express our excitement and joy! We had hoped to make the group traveling in September, but it was not to be. And to be honest, this will just give us some more time get everything ready and make sure we have the essentials. Now that we know it is going to be October 10, it just seems right. I am reminded yet again that God's timing is perfect! We will be in Xian until October 15 while we wait for....paperwork. Go figure. While we are there, we hope to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and maybe the hanging monestary. There are so many sights to see, we're sure to keep busy - assuming Aiden will have it! :) It ought to be interesting. We'll make sure to take video. I'm sure everybody will get a kick out of watching us try to travel with a 27 month old. It ought to prove amusing; hopefully for us as well. Here's praying we can keep our sense of humor!
October 15, if everything is processed on time and properly, we will fly to Gauangzhou. It's far enough south - Tropic of Cancer south - that it should be really warm. We kind of hope it's cold back in SD so we can feel particularly pleased with ourselves. Sorry. Of course, this means we we're packing for three different climates, though. Ah well. While in Guangzhou, we have our consulate appointment on October 19. We should receive Aiden's US visa on October 21. During this time, Aiden will officially, legally become OUR SON!! (Of course, as far as we're concerned, he's has been our boy since January!)
On October 21, we will take a train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Again, this new experience should be interesting. Catching a train with all our luggage and a two year old? Luckily, there are other families who will be doing the same thing. It will be nice to have other American's who will be doing the "deer in the headlights" thing. We're relatively experienced travelers, but Asia may be a little overwhelming even for us!
We fly home from Hong Kong at 12:35 on October 22. If we're on time, Aiden will put his feet on American ground (after a 14+ hour flight - sigh) around 1:54 CST and officially become an American citizen! Our flight is scheduled to land in Sioux Falls at 7:34 PM. We're so grateful that Mom and Dad are willing to house-sit for us so we know we'll be coming home to well-cared-for pets and a house that is still standing.
It is almost incomprehensible that this journey that has lasted thus far just over a year is nearing its completion, or is just starting depending on how you look at it! We've made it because of everybody's support, prayers, and good wishes. Again, we are blessed beyond belief.
Aiden, sweetheart, we're almost on our way!!!


  1. Spectacular! I'm elated for you. I get to hold him, ok?

  2. Hey MC! We'd love to have you meet and hold him. Does the offer hold even if it's 5 AM becuase he has his nights and days switched around?

  3. I just found your blog from the Holt forum. I saw Sioux Falls on your post and looked further only to find a picture of you in front of Spezia's. We are also from Sioux Falls and just received a referral for a little boy through Holt this month. How exciting to know there are other families with little boys from China in Sioux Falls. Our blog is

  4. Sturgeons! I love taking this trip with you guys!! It gives me goose bumps every time I read!! I know this little guy will have the best parents because well you guys are basically my parents!! I was in hobby lobby buying a baby gift for someone who just had a baby and I wanted to get something creative... Well I found this picture frame!! The quote is soooooo good! I wish I had it memorized! "Children are special. They grow an change. Children question everything. Children laugh, frown, grin, cry and smile. Gildren give meaning to silly things, small things and big things. They give meaning to us. They teach us to be open again, to appreciate everything and to take nothing forgranted." I decided I would get this for them because its their first baby, not that I have a kid but I kinda have been a mommy to about 40 kids in the last 3 years and I have given up a lot of experiences but gained way more then I ever would have, just as a high school student it was hard to see that at the time, good thing I can always look back! :) God granted me patience through out all of the struggle! You just have to remember that the storm will always pass!! :) Sometimes you just have to take a step back and say 'is this as big of a deal as I am really making it'... The time I did this helped tremendously!! We had a snow day so Leigha let me sleep in. Well my mom called...we have caller ID so L knew it was her so its was ok to answer... My mom had L convinced that it was time for daycare just by bringing up "you get to go to daycare all day today because no school!" so she woke me up and in 7 min we were in the car tring to get out of the drive way! By the time we got out of our normal sized drive way we were completely going forward, started going backwards! I should have known then that this is not a good idea! but I would do anything for L so we were off to daycare! We got stuck a couple times trying to get out of the development but made it up to the stop sign to get on rice/brandon road but the lady in front of us got stuck so I said we are going to go home, I cant do this right now Leigha. A sad little girl. On the way back we couldnt get up the hill. I was crying and screaming my head off at her. I finally stopped when we were both in tears. Then I asked myself that question. No it wasnt as big of a deal as I was making it, besides the fact that my car was in the middle of the road, on a hill! I called my dad he was on his way to help. A couple min later I talked to Leigha and said sorry for what I did. I still hurt to this day for doing that to her. L and I played some 5 year old games in the car! :) how fun is that! Thank god for that time that no one can take away from us! I think about it often! I always try to think of the times that no one can take away from us, of course they are moments which I am very greatful for! :) I have so many stories and I loved my times being "mommy" so I am sure you will enjoy them too! :)

  5. Congrats Diane. Your son is a cutie!

    We are waiting for our Article 5 (Day 17) I would love to know how you got the frowned upon info that your Art 5 was forwarded to the CCAA. Could you message me on facebook

    or send me an email to ledamperry at yahoo dot com - thanks - we're with H*lt as well, and I know that "travel guy" is super dry - ha - now Nicole quit or whatever and so I asked him who would call us and he basically said "someone" LOL

    Ugggh. Wish I was headed out with you in your group!!