Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seven Months

A random bit of information: today marks seven months since we saw Ethan's face for the first time. Seven months ago we got his referral. At times (maybe my less-than-lucid moments), I look back and actually think, "Wow! That much time has already passed?" Of course, more frequently it feels like time has slogged by: the pain and fear of wondering if we'd get our dossier logged in time to lock Ethan's referral; the excrutiating 105 day LOA wait; the eternal paperwork, organzing, and preparation -- seven months in the making. Now, God willing, we are down to less than a month before we see those kissable, adorable cheeks. Prayerfully it will be about three weeks when I can look into those gorgeous brown eyes in person. Hopefully, on the one year anniversary of starting this process, I will be holding my beautiful little boy in my arms. The timing seems harmonious, and I pray it works. I'm ready for this wait to be over! Fortunately, we have our TA and are almost there.

Above are our pictures from our Friday TA "celebration." I know the quality is poor and I look awful (keep in mind I'd been outside playing on a waterslide for about 5 hours that day on a scorchingly hot day -- oh, and I'm OLD), but that was the extent of our festivities. After my screaming and jumping up and down subsided, Dad and I had an N/A. I guess we'll doing something more profound once we receive our CA dates, right...??? ;)

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  1. OMGosh! I just checked your blog and wow! Hoping for a fast fast fast CA appt. I'm sure you are ready to get on a plane right *now*! (well, after getting the other million or so details ready, right?)