Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Busy Week Concluded

As previously stated, Wednesday was Ethan's birthday, and it was the day we met with the outreach lady from the South Dakota School for the Deaf. Thursday was Aiden's 2nd Gottcha Day Anniversary, and we got to go to Sioux City for a day of fun with friends and have two great Chinese meals; Friday was the anniversary of my sister's passing; it was also a day for Aiden and Ethan haircuts; Ethan's first American cut! Thanks Ruth, for coming to our house to do it. Saturday we celebrated Ethan's birthday with the grandparents (and Jenny and Megan as they made a happy surprise visit!). Yesterday, the anniversary of the day we buried my sister, my cousin Jen, friend Ruth, and I got together and made a bunch of freezer meals. To say it was a week of emotional highs and lows would be an understatement. It was, though, a very good -- albeit busy -- week.

Aiden getting his haircut with the clippers. The last time he had it done, it didn't go so well. This time? Not a problem!

Ethan's first American haircut. A stark contrast to Aiden's ;)

Happy 2nd birthday, Ethan!

He figured out the whole present concept pretty quickly and LOVES it

Freezer meals in anticipation of the return to full time work. UGH!

A little much-needed quiet time watching a movie from Grandma & Grandpa

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  1. WOw, that was a busy and emotional week! Good luck going back to work--never fun. Freezer meals can sure help, though :-) Both of the boys are just so darned cute!