Friday, November 2, 2012

One Week Left and What We've Been Up To

That's right. Reality is upon me. A week from today, I will be back in school, both of my "babies" in day care. Just as we've settled into a routine and have kind of found our new normal, it's time to change everything again. Luckily, Ethan seems very adaptable and laid-back, so prayerfully he will transition well. We'll see about me. :-/ So, I have one week remaining in my "maternity" leave (although, I've been told that I cannot accurately refer to my time off work as this since I didn't give birth - it doesn't matter that I am once again newly a mother. Calling Bitter. Bitter? Party of one....) As per usual, I've waited until the end to get all my tasks (that will actually get done because let's face it, many will NOT) accomplished. Some of it is not my fault, though. Getting into see specialts, audiologists, etc is kind of on their schedules.

Now, what we've been up to. A few weeks ago, Aiden got a CT scan. It showed that there isn't a nerve in his right ear. In other words, in the simplest of terms -- in deference to ME -- he has never heard in that ear. There is no explanation, though, why he doesn't have "normal" hearing in his left ear anymore. There's nothing structural to explain that. Last week we took Aiden to the audiologist and ENT. It appears his hearing is diminishing. At the last check a few months back, they felt he heard at 40 decibels. This test on the 30th indicated he may now be hearing at 50 - 60 decibels which is pretty alarming. We are going to go have him tested again at the South Dakota School for the Deaf this coming Monday. On Thursday, we will go back to the ENT / audiologist to get fitted for a hearing aid. I think Aiden will LOVE having one. Once a week we have an outreach person from South Dakota School for the Deaf (SDSD) come into our home and help us with various things, from teaching us signs, to helping us with hearing aid information, to teaching us about deaf culture, etc. This past Wednesday, she was here and had a sample hearing aid which we were able to let Aiden try. I cried. When she turned it on, his eyes opened wide and a slow smile spread across his face. He had such a look of wonder on his face. In a quiet voice, I asked him if he could hear me, and he said yeeeaah. Then I asked if it was awesome, and he replied, "Yeah. AWESOME!" He kept wanting to use it again and again during her entire visit. Suffice it to say, I'm eagerly looking forward to getting him a hearing aid. Unfortunately, insurance covers none of it, and they're upwards of $5000. But, it will be worth every penny to see that face again and know how much his world will open up!

Other than doctor's visits, (Aiden was also at our GP a while back because for a couple of days about 60% of his body was covered with hives. Sheesh.) we've been having fall fun. The boys have loved being outside and "helping" dad. They're slowly getting better about playing together: longer periods of time, fewer fights, some laughter. It's a work in progress. And, of course, the boys went trick-or-treating. They loved it. We hit about a dozen houses with both boys, walking around our court; then Dad went on with Aiden while Ethan and I came back to the house to hand out candy. Dad and Aiden were gone a long time and made a haul! Ethan was content to greet the kids at our house and help me hand out treats. A lot of kids came out as the weather was gorgeous! Then, when Aiden finally came home, he insisted on handing out the goodies. He gave everybody their candy bars and would give them a "wekkum" when they said thanks. He's growing up so fast. :'( He has even slept through the whole night a few nights -- staying in his OWN bed! I'm afraid he's going to be in school before I know it. Ethan, too, is changing too fast. He's understanding so much of what we say and is starting to try to say quite a few words. I say try as he doesn't enunciate well, but we know what he means. Bye bye, help, Mom (just shy of 1 million times a day), no, shoe, light, stars, poop, drink...etc. He can even say, unprompted, "Iiii, laaaah, oooo!" Which is supposed to be, "I. Love. You." To the "untrained" ear, it might not sound like much, but trust me, he's talking. ;) He seems to be starting to form an attachment to us but will probably always be very gregarious and people-oriented, something we'll have to be aware of out in public, especially in large groups.

It's hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us. I will go to school on a Friday. BV doesn't have school on the 12th, so the next week will be a 4 day week. The week after that? Thanksgiving!! This will be an amazing Christmas season!

Ethan admiring his first U.S. snow

Ethan and Dad raking leaves.

Hard at work

Enjoying the fruits of their labor

Pumpkin Carvin' Time

Oooo! Fun times!

Big helper

MAY have tried a raw seed. Mmmm.

The finished product

The sleeping arrangements :)

Dad, Scooby, Mickey & Mom

Finally, Scooby Doo gets to trick-or-treat!

What do you mean I can't eat it wrapper and all right now?


  1. Halloween fun! How cute! Love the costumes! I'm sorry you have to go back to work--it's so tough to juggle both sides of things. I know you probably know this, but have you researched the Lions Club for hearing aid assistance? I work in social services for healthcare and we use them often. That is one hefty fee, sheesh. And please, please tell me no one actually said that this was not maternity leave. If so, can I join the bitter party? We did have a few people refer to our time in China as "your vacation" and it drove me nuts.

  2. Oh, and not to leave epic comments, but I so hear you on the language thing--we totally understand L, but am slowly realizing that to the general population he's babbling. Ah, well.

  3. It is very cool that Aiden is excited about hearing aids - hopefully they will be life changing for him and you. Are there any foundations with grants for that kind of thing? Might be worth putting it out there on the internet etc and seeing what happens. (I guess you have thought of this already, sorry).
    I'll keep MY eyes open for resources.
    Maternity leave is maternity leave - that would tick me off too to have someone ANYONE say it isn't really maternity unless you have given birth! Egads, haven't we evolved from this at all??? Or call it all parental leave and have done with it. You are a NEW mama and have leave, why argue the point. Sympathy and frustration in equal parts from here to there. Blessings.

  4. P.S> I just looked at and in the financial aid section it said that some school districts may pay if it is in the IEP that he needs hearing aids in order to get an adequate and equal education. I googled grants for child hearing aids and the link came up. Good luck.