Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brittany's Hope Blessing and the Corrosponding Garage Sale

We have been informed we have likely been blessed with a gift of a grant from Brittany's Hope Foundation. The essence of the program and organization is below.

From Brittany's Hope Website:

"We believe in the fundamental right of all children to have the security and love of a family.

We resolve to facilitate adoptions of special needs, older and sibling children by providing financial grants for special waiting children; to actively seek out healthy and happy families who can offer love and support to special needs children; to raise public awareness of the need for healthy homes for special needs, older and sibling children and to raise public awareness of the unique joys of parenting a special child."

Here's how their program works:

The most important and sustainable part of the Seedling Gift Program is that we ask our recipient families to raise half of their total grant amount to help future families bring their child home.

This goal can be reached through tax deductible donations from family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or individuals from your local community.

This is where our garage sale comes in. We are not comfortable asking for donations, so June 12, 13 & 14 we will be having a garage sale and are praying that it is successful as whatever we make will be DOUBLED! We have had friends generously donate some awesome items: a treadmill and other exercise equipment, table and bar stools, brand new luggage, a pak-n-play, a new 6 pack mini-fridge for a vehicle, a desk, a 2 drawer filing cabinet, two 'chandeliers' (one brand new), a corner entertainment stand, and a couple of dressers to name a small portion of what was gifted to us. We now pray for good weather, a big turn out, and generous hearts since we are doing free will donations, except for the "big ticket items." We would sure appreciate any prayers and good wishes to the same effect: prayers for a successful fundraiser and prayers for this beautiful little guy.

On a related note, the last of our paperwork is in Washington, D.C. awaiting approval from the Chinese Embassy. As soon as we have their seal, those two items will be forwarded to our agency in Oregon and the entirety of our dossier will hopefully be China-bound on Friday, June 13. We will then officially be Dossier to China (DTC) and begin the interminable LOA (Letter of Acceptance) wait. Last time, if anybody would like to recollect which I would not, our wait exceeded ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Ugh. However, on the upside, I can with great relief say, we (let's face it, Troy contributes only what is absolutely mandatory -- haha!) I have officially completed my last dossier EVER! As much as I love my boys and know they are worth every pen stroke, every tear, every curse, every minute those dossiers took, I am SO over all that paperwork! So, YAY! A chapter closed and on to the next!

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