Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Logged In

This will be a SHORT post, and on the surface, the topic seems relatively insignificant. However, those two little words in the title of this post have a profound meaning. Our dossier, all that paper that took months to complete and compile, have officially been logged into China's child welfare system! We have now begun the intense and stressful period know as the LOA(Letter of Acceptance) Wait that can vary from 45 or so days to (heaven forbid) 100+ days. Horrifyingly, we were in the latter category with Ethan. I am trying to tell myself that I am prepared for that eventuality -- but I'm not! Here's hoping and praying no matter how long until we receive that glorious piece of paper, I can maintain some semblance of sanity and calmness! Let the counting begin.

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