Friday, September 19, 2014

What have we here...???

It has been a big week and a half in the Sturgeon household. Not only did we get our I800 approval, our approval from the National Visa Center, our official letter stating so, and got all of that off to our agency who can now send all of our info to China, we also got OUR visas! Holy cow. Now, at the beginning of next week, we will have our Article 5 dropped off, and then in two weeks (well, a little more due to a Chinese holiday) we should have our Article 5 picked up. What that means, essentially, is that in two weeks, we will officially be waiting for our Travel Approval from China. That part of the wait can vary from 1 to 4 weeks, but recently, it has been taking just over a week! To sum up, we could conceivably have our travel approval by the middle of October and make the November travel group. Of course, this is all still part of a very variable process, so everything is subject to change. It is, however, starting to look very feasible that we could be meeting Carter Allen in just over FIFTY DAYS!!!!

It's at this point that this whole "we're expecting" becomes a reality. When we fill out that application, it seems like the end is an eternity away, then BLAM! We're leaving, like, tomorrow, and there's so much to do. Not that I'm complaining! ;) In fact, we're still praying it all comes together because nothing is written in stone -- nothing is ever for certain in the infernal process, but I'm starting to be in the initial stages of being cautiously optimistic! God willing, Carter honey, we'll be with you soon!

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  1. This is so exciting sounds like he should be here by Christmas !!!