Thursday, February 16, 2012

LID / LOI!!!

I JUST got the email from the fabulous Beth Smith! At 12:51, I was informed that our dossier has now officially been logged in with the CCCWA / China. Our LID is 2/14, and our Letter of Intent (LOI) was submitted today 2/16. Happy (one day early) birthday to me!!!!!!! So. Without further ado.....

We may now introduce Chang Bo Yong. He is now just over 16 months old and is in Changchun. This is our son!

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of our little guy on my school computer, so for the time being, it will have to suffice. Buuuut, was I right about those cheeks?? :) Ahhh. They are BEGGING to be kissed! Anyway, let the countdown for our LOA, letter of acceptance, begin! We would sure appreciate prayers that the wait time is reducing. It had been around 90 days (over 100 for some, yuck), but I've heard rumors that it is diminishing. Some are getting it as early as day 70. :-O We would also appreciate prayers for our patience. ;) And, as always, prayers that our little guy is being loved and well-cared for in China.

Looks like a celebration tonight. Chinese food it is!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!! we are with Holt too. Your child is SO SO SO adorable. They called to tell you that you are Logged in? I will be following your journey, and I am SO happy for you. We have a daughter in Hunan prov; and were told we will travel in July or August. We did not get a call about LID, but I looked at the password area of the Holt website and found an LID chart, so I think (?) we were LID on 2/2. Anyway, happy birthday and happy Valentines day to you. A great present indeed.

  2. Congratulation!!! He is simply precious! Here's to hoping the time between now and that blessed moment when you get to kiss those cheeks for the very first time FLIES by!!!

  3. Thank you both! Lynette, they called because we were a, well, special case. We were under the gun to get our dossier logged in and get our LOI submitted. It was a nerve-wracking situation, so they sent me an email to ensure me that we had made the deadline! Whew! We're actually hoping things speed by and we will go in July...???!! Maybe we'll be headed over around the same time? Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later!

    1. ha ha ha... well, I "get it" about being a special case, and we have been through nerve wracking ups and downs for many months now, so you are not alone. Beth has done some hand holding for us also. Love Beth, and a bunch of others in that office! Yes, I hope we travel much sooner than the "official" 5 to 9 months. Dare I say I have been praying and wondering about late June?!! Not probable, I know, but we waiting mamas can certainly ~*~dream~*~. If TA were July though, I would be over the moon with joy. Only time will tell. Congrats again. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food this evening. ;)