Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle! Miracle!

Ok. So if you're a Fiddler on the Roof fan, I've got THAT song stuck in your head now. You're welcome. :) Really, though, God has granted us yet another miracle in a long line of miracles. About a month back, we had requested a repeat echocardiogram. The first one we received for "Baby Bo" (as a friend dubbed him, and thus called for the duration of this blog so my dear Aunt Jeanne won't stroke-out with my constant usage of the name Tank) was from when he was about six months old. The doctors who reviewed his file were not overly concerned as it was termed MILD tricuspid regurgitation and appeared as though it was. My beautiful and generous-to-a-fault -- and fortunately for me, crazy-smart -- physician cousin went so far as to say, it could (emphasis on the could) be as simple as Baby Bo was crying when the echo was done. They all said they'd be more confident in a diagnosis / recommendation if they could see a new one. Today we received said repeat echo. It was performed....on my birthday! The results? NORMAL HEART FUNCTION!!!!! Doctor Cousin Jessica got back to me within a couple hours and said, "It's perfect - great!" God. Is. Good! It would appear that we are adopting a healthy baby boy. To cap today off, I was able to email five questions that we hope will be answered, sooner rather than later, by the orphanage and / or foster family. And, by five questions, I mean five questions with about 5 parts each. ;) I read the questions to Troy, and he said, "Um. You do realize that was actually, like, 12 questions, right?" Well. Yeah. But there's stuff a mama wants to know!! I was even so bold as to request a video. Brazen, I know. What's the worst they can do? Say no? As I wait, I will pray we get our information and give thanks for the healthy little boy awaiting us in China. Tonight, my heart is happy and full to overflowing!


  1. I was bold enough to submit 6 5-part questions and the agency tacked on a 7th for us. I think "What are his favorite and least favorite toys, what are his favorite and least favorite activities, is there anything he does not like or is scared of, and does he like animals?" is one legitimate question. :)

  2. Emily, I totally agree. In reality, those are just parts of the same quesiton! ;)