Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Almost to the Century Club

Well, today is day 99 of our LOA wait. To put things in perspective, most people dread (and really not that many people make) being allowed into this notorious club, and we are likely going to hit it while still IN TRANSLATION! I have started to lose my ability to stay positive. To be honest, I've really only fallen apart twice, but I'm actually moving beyond the sad stage into the angry stage. This. Is. Ridiculous! No new information from the other side of the world. We just waiting. When this whole process started, I had hoped to travel this summer. That optimism seemed well-placed. We put together our dossier in record time and were logged in in the middle of February. If we had followed the norms, we could have conceivably had our Gottcha Day when our little one was 21 months old. Well, July is out as is August. Dear lord, we hope we can get to Ethan before his second birthday on 10/10/10.


  1. This is completely and totally ridiculous. I was wondering how you were doing and if there was any movement, anything at all. There is just no purpose to all of this freaking waiting...I'm so sorry you're hitting the Century Club.

    1. Thank you SO much for your support!!! Now, on a positive note, we JUST got an email saying that we were out of translation as of yesterday. If "they" could make up the difference and get us a QUICK LOA, that'd be GRRRREAT!

  2. Hi Troy and Diane,

    I got the link to your blog from my college friend Jenni. We too are in the process of adopting from China a little girl. She in in Guangzhou. We also waited what seemed like forever for our LSC or LOA. ended up taking 93 days!!! I thought I was going to really DIE of impatience. I still find it so sad that we had to put that time in waiting when she was just sitting there. But, there is really nothing that can be done and the best we can do is hope that it's tomorrow. And then one day, it is!! We are waiting for our Article 5 and travel approval right now. We are hoping to travel early August. I have subscribed via email so I can keep up with you guys on the remainder of your journey. God Bless and hope you get to go as soon as you all are ready. You can check out our timeline and pictures on our blog:

    Congratulations and best wishes on your travel and beyond!
    Warmly, Kara

  3. Hi Kara! We are now waiting on our Article 5 -- YAY! Do you have yours? Is your friend Jenni of the Matt and Jenni duo? Please feel free to email me. It's great to have large support system!