Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Something to Get Me Through

The wait is starting to become unbearable. Today is day 85 of our LOA wait, and we're still in translation. On May 22, it will be five MONTHS since our referral. This process is excruciating. Then. At our staff luncheon to celebrate our last day of classes (although we still have teacher work day tomorrow), I happened to glance down at my BlackBerry. Of course, that thing is NEVER out of my sight / reach. You never know when a critical phone call or email may come from the agency. I sat down with my plate full of food, and if you know me, I do mean FULL, out of habit, I clicked on my phone. Two new emails awaited me. From Cheryce. From our agency! The subject lines? "Update" and "Additional Photos." I let out a small, relatively quiet scream, jumped up from the table, and walked across the commons so I could open the attachment up "alone." They included 17 pictures and answered questions about Ethan. My personal family physician -- and cousin by the way -- responded to an email about 10 minutes after I sent it. I love you Jessica! She had the following to say, "Developmentally it sounds like he's right where he should be - speaking a few words, recognizes body parts, playful and interactive." She added, "According to their measurements, he's now 50th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight (as compared to Chinese boys)." Ah, my lil chunky monkey. My heart is singing! I cried quiet tears of joy. Several female staff members joined in in the ooooo's and aaaah's, God Bless them, but what surprised me most was that a few male staff members even came over to share in the excitement. Seriously, Brandon Valley High School is quite possibly the single best school district in the nation in which to work; I love my co-workers!

Ok. Without further ado, some pictures

Love, love, LOVE this one!!!

Awwww. Our little teacher!

"Now you see, this, this is a blue circle. (Please ignore my split pants!!)

"Hmmmmm. Now where do you suppose all that tea went?"

We have 13 more picture, but since updates are few and far between, I think I'll post them every so often. ;)

His stats are as follows: 26.4 pounds, 30.7 inches tall, and 12 teeth. It is reported that "he has received good care from his foster parents so he is in good health. At present, he can understand most of instructions of adult and follow them. He can understand facial expression of adult and knows adult is happy or unhappy. He can recognize his facial features and point to their positions. He recognizes some daily items such as clothes, shoes, socks, light, apple and so on. He can speak simple words like mom, papa, door, taking, etc.
He is outgoing, active, and lovely. He always readies to smile. Giving him his favorite toys or playing with him can make him happy. He is upset when someone stops him to do his want or other kids grab his toys. (UH OH!) Holding him or kissing him can comfort him. (Awwww!) His favorite toys are ball, building block, wooden horse, etc.
He wakes up at 5:30 AM (UUUH OOH!!!); he goes to bed at 8:30 PM. He takes a nap from 12:00 - 1:30. He sleeps well. He still takes formula with a bottle. (Is it possible I will get to give my baby a bottle? Be still my beating heart.)
His nickname is Day Yong. He has received your family album and his foster parents often show it to him and tell him who are his parents and who is is brother."

So, we're still a long way from LOA, but this goes a long way in comforting me!!! My baby is doing ok, and today, we are almost five months closer to bring our sweet baby Ethan home!! Please pray our travel is sooner rather than later!

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  1. oh, he is gorgeous!!! Ours is a chunk, too. And're at day 85 and still in translation??? How is that possible? I'm so sorry, it must be incredibly hard. (we are day 15--ugh--I can't imagine 70 more days still in translation, but I'm sure I will experience it soon!). I'm so glad you got an update!