Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 93

That's right. Day 93 and we're still in translation. I really have no other information. I called Holt, and they are doing what they can. They can't do much. It's really out of their hands, too. They call and email and check in, but what else can be done? I've been told that our case is being looked into on an individual basis. I appreciate that, but I get the feeling there is no real sense of urgency on the part of the CCCW@. They're plodding along. After all, they have no little one they're waiting on who is growing up away from them.

Then I got some even more disheartening insight. Even after we get out of translation, we're looking at minimum of 4 weeks -- yep, another MONTH -- before we get our LOA. After the LOA is issued, we're staring down 2 more weeks before our I800 is approved. After that? Two weeks for our NVC cable. Our Article 5? Add another 2 weeks. The wait for travel approval? You guessed it! Two - three weeks. UGH! That means the BEST we can hope for for travel will be the Aug. 31 travel group. Waaah! :'( That not only means three more months away from Ethan, but it means we probably won't be traveling with some other adoptive parents who not only are adopting a little guy almost Ethan's age from the same orphanage / province / city but who also live relatively close to us. If we learned anything last time, being in-province with other families in invaluable. The support and camaraderie are great as are the lifelong friendships you can establish. Being in the trenches together helps to forge some pretty strong bonds! ;)

Well, I guess we just continue to pray, pray, pray for some good news so we don't delay going and getting our little boy any longer than it absolutely has to be. Let's face it. There's no other way to put it. As a wise woman once said (Emily); this sucks!


  1. This DOES suck! A LOT!!! It's baffling. And hard. I'm so sorry.

  2. I had been told 3 weeks until LOA, now they are saying 4 weeks!?!?! I've said it before and I'll say it again, THIS SUCKS! I'll e-mail you privately my other saying, which is not appropriate for a public blog.

    1. Well, Emily, I feel like I'm holding a handful of it now......

  3. Just looking back at this post and am really thankful that you were wrong! So happy to be going together!