Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I guess I should have waited to post about my dream so I wouldn't double post in one day! BUT THIS CAN'T WAIT! We got an update today, and we are OVER THE MOON! This morning a (virtual) friend sent me an email saying she'd received an update on her daughter. While I was happy for her, I actually felt a little sad and said aloud, "Aw. I want an update." I looked up at the clock, did the math to see what time it was in Oregon and thought, "Well, it's early there yet. Maybe there's hope for one today." Lo and behold, a couple hours later, my phone vibrates on my desk, and there's a text from Troy telling me, "Check you email! ASAP! Ethan update and pics!" Sure enough. An email from our agency with four pictures and a progress report!! There was another email from Troy saying, "OHHH my goodness - he is soo cute! I am crying right now! I wish I could be there to hug you and look at these together. He looks so good." Yes. That's a direct quote. (Sorry honey) Isn't my hubby sweet? Anyway, as great as it is to see Ethan's adorable, chubby cheeks, the report is what has me thrilled. He is 29.1" tall (little), 26.4# (I hope that's LOADED up with clothes! That's a LOT to lug around -- and it puts him WELL over the 50th percentile!), and has 8 teeth. They also say he is healthy and active, showing no signs of having heart problems which is consistent with his most recent echo. He can apparantly say simple words like "mama", "papa", and "take" in Chinese and can express "thanks" and "bye-bye" with gestures. According to this update, he knows his body parts: eyes, ears, mouth, etc. 'My' doctor, oh yeah, and cousin, who got back to me within MINUTES of receiving the updated file, says his ability to identify body parts would be fairly advanced. (God bless Half the Sky! He attends "class" from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM Mon - Fri.) Actually, Jessica said that overall, everything looks "great!" We also learned that he has a foster younger sister in his foster home. It is my prayer that somehow, some way we will be able to stay in touch with her and his foster parents. These people are the only family he has known. By the looks of things, they love him and care very well for him. What a blessing. Now. Without further ado. Our new photos!!


  1. Pretty stinkin' cute! So happy for you guys!

  2. LOVE the updated pictures!! And I am jealous, because we only got 1 picture :-) Your little one is adorable!!

  3. Our last update photos and video show Beck in the exact same room with the same toys!! Did you get a video? I'd be happy to share ours... it follows Beck around so you can see the whole room and the nannies.