Friday, March 2, 2012

We Have a Winner!!

At least for the time-being. Dare I even commit this name to "writing?" What if we (and by we, I mostly mean me) change "our" mind(s)? We still can, you know? It is still well within the realm of possibility. Up until we get our I800 approval, likely a couple months from now, we can switch up our paperwork and go with an entirely different name. In fact, should we choose to do so, we can send over our forms with NO name in the English name portions. Another option? We can use the name we have chosen through this entire process, and once we get home and start the adoption re-finalization process, we can change the name even then! What to do? What to do? Put a name to that sweet, sweet face or leave him Tank? Baby Bo? Ah. What the heck! Here goes. The name we have chosen is.....ETHAN FLETCHER STURGEON!!! Actually, now that we have decided, he really does look like an Ethan, don't you think? Well, for now anyway, we have a name for the newest member of our family, but really, the only part of that name that really matters to us is that last part: Sturgeon!

1 comment:

  1. Love it!! He does look like an Ethan! :)