Tuesday, November 11, 2014

And with a footprint, it is done!

Wu Li Jun became Carter Allen Sturgeon and our son and brother! This a.m. (Nov. 11, 2014) we officially became a family of five.

 Carter in the lobby waiting to go to the Civil Affairs Office.  

 We didn't get a family photo on Gottcha Day, so we took a quick shot once we arrived.  However, we have a lot of (wonderful) families in our group, so it takes awhile to complete the paperwork and interviews.  During which time, a guy's gotta eat, ya know!

When it was our turn, we promised to love, protect, and educate Carter and to never abandon him.  At the end, we signed and put our fingerprint to our signatures.  Carter gave his stamp of approval with his footprint.

 One last photo, and our paperwork was officially over.  Now we wait until Friday for Carter's passport.  After we got "home" to the Poly Hotel, it was time for a little snack and then a nap (turns out, a 2 1/2 hour nap -- this adoption stuff is rough!)
 Carter's red foot that marks him as part of our family! <3

Everything since has been anticlimatic.  Nap, shopping trip for supplies, laundry, supper.  Don't get me wrong, supper great and the company was wonderful, but it really has to take a back seat.  I mean, what can compete with completing your family with a beautiful little boy?

Ok, tubby is done, tonails are clipped, playtime with Daddy is over.  Off to dreamland! (Well for Carter. Big Bang Theory for Mom and Dad! Yay for VPNs and CBS online!) Night!

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  1. Ok, for some reason I have been unable to comment on your blog and it's driving me crazy! CONGRATULATIONS!!! (yeah, I shouted ha ha). Carter is gorgeous and you all look SO happy!!! That's incredible. Looking forward to more updates!!!