Saturday, November 15, 2014

Better Late than Never

Yesterday, after putzing around "our" neighborhood a getting the kids' passports, we made our way to the airport 
 (Crossing over the Yangtze River)

only to discover that our flight was delayed by 2+ hours. Then, we got to sit in the plane for 1 hour and 15 min.  Our flight lasted about 2 hours.  After we landed and got our luggage, waited for our bus, and rode to the hotel, it was after midnight.  By the time we got to our room (I'll regale you with room switch saga at another time), it was about 1 a.m. I cannot say enough what a rock star our little man was! He never fussed, got crazy, or whined...anything.  He ran about a bit in the airport but was "reasonable" for lack of a better word (and on 4 hours of sleep, I'm fortunate to forming moderately coherent sentences).  On the plane, he played quietly with the couple of toys we supplied or looked at the in-flight magazines.  
 (Making sure he has all the safety information down pat before take off)

Shortly after take-off, he fell asleep in my arms.  

He slept for about an hour.  Even with the post-flight rigamarole, he was exemplary.  So proud of him! Anyway, Carter zonked out around 1:30-ish.  Troy fell asleep around 2:00.  I started to get homesick and couldn't sleep right away.  It was closer to 2:30 before I gave up the ghost.  My falling asleep (and staying asleep) was in no way aided by the chainsaw in my room.  It was a short night.  Waaaaahhh! We had to be in the lobby by 9:30 to go to our medical check at 10:00.  It's pretty routine,

 (Carter might see it differently, though!)

 but nonetheless, it lasted about 2 1/2 hours because of the sheer volume of people in our group. We came back to the hotel and had (UGH) McDonalds because it's convenient, fast, and it was past nap time.  Carter napped, I homified the room, and Troy went to do paperwork.  Afterwards, it was later than we'd hoped, so we just went down to the OUTDOOR pool to talk with some fellow Holt / Wuhan adoptive families. 

 We decided to just go across the street for supper.  Again.  Ease and convenience.  Let's face it.  We're TIRED today! Hence the short, boring post.  Tomorrow is a free day.  We plan to go to Shamian Island (obligatory) in the a.m., back in the afternoon for a nap, and swimming after Carter gets up.  Then we get to go out for authentic Chinese with the entire Holt crew!  

Can't wait for a day to just relax!  Now, off to bed before I tip over.  Night!

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