Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Leg of the Journey!

This a.m. I said the hardest goodbye I've ever had to say. Both Aiden and Ethan repeatedly said they wanted to go, too. Aiden looked devastated as he, Ethan and Michelle drove off. As they pulled away from the curb, I fell apart. My heart is breaking. And just when I thought my crying was done, as I was about to get through security, I hear a commotion. Then I realize, in the midst of the chaos behind me, people are screaming, "Mrs. Sturgeon!!"  I turned around only to see several of my students, bearing signs and breakfast, had arrived to see us off. We said our goodbyes from (relatively) afar as I was about to go through the scanner. By the time I got through, they were gone, and my tears returned. Turns out I'm relatively emotional. What a great group of kids; it will be a send off I'll never forget. I'm hoping they took pictures and I can post it later! 

HERE IT IS! What amazing kids! 

OK typing on an iPad is neither easy nor quick, so I'm done for now. Suffice it to say, I'm torn. I already miss my boys but am ready to go get Carter! I'll miss home, family, friends (and yes, students) but am excited to get under way. Thanks for the prayers, and thanks Heritage students for the wonderful send off and breakfast! :) (PS it tasted fine even after being scanned!!!)

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