Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What We're Learning

Here's what we've come to know in the first 48 hours.

at first prefered Daddy.  Now, Mommy is where it's at, and he cries whenever she walks out of his line of sight. 
does NOT like socks.
is getting a fairly nasty cold. Guess he wants to compete w/Grandpa....
likes his head covered when he sleeps and is a tummy sleeper.
gets into bed easily but messes around for quite some time. (HELLO? ETHAN?!) 
may never have worn underwear even though he's potty-trained.  He giggled when we put a pair on him -- he came to us sans under garments on our Forever Family Day. 
will eat fairly spicy food but makes an adorable little face and sucks in air through clenched teeth before going back for more. 
likes. to. run. (HELLO!?  AIDEN!?) 
he will run away but comes back to "home base". 
plays well by himself. 
didn't know how to blow kisses or give high fives but does now. 
will repeat words if pressed to do so and is in the mood.
is the singularly best ignorer in the world (makes it really hard to ascertain his level of hearing loss!). 
is spicy, just like we were told kids from this province are. We love it. And this kid!!!!

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