Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Accompanying Pictures

We're back from the cruise. We actually had a great time. Aiden slept initially, but I just had to wake him as earlier in the day he was so excited to go on a boat and eat pizza. He loved it, kept hitting me, saying, "Mom. Mom. MOM!" and pointing to things. It made my heart happy. Ethan was spellbound. He stared, agape, the whole time we were topside. Completely out of character, he didn't squirm or try to run away the entire cruise. And, again, we got to spend time with our Changchun adoption buddies. We are likely considered the rebels of this Holt adoption trip, but I'm guessing those of you who know me are not surprised! ;) In all truthfulness, both families are wonderful and we are blessed to know them and have this connection. Shut up, Emily. You know you feel the same way!!!!!

Anyway, without further ado, the aforementioned (as in last post) promised pictures.

Guangzhou Zoo and Safari Park

Shamian Island

Pearl River Cruise

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