Friday, August 17, 2012

Disneyland -- Hong Kong Style

I'm too tired to really post much tonight. Suffice it to say, the Typhoon warning was down-graded. We went to breakfast, went back to the hotel, grabbed our stuff, and changed hotels. And wow, what a hotel! Loving it! (Thank you Gaspars. We love you guys!) We checked in and made our way via MTR, Hong Kong's mass transit/subway system which I highly recommend you use if you're ever in HK, to Disneyland. The rides were shut down because the Typhoon rating was still at a 3 (I guess some brisk breezes / wind and a couple of brief rain showers qualify as a concern), but that really didn't bother us as we probably wouldn't have ridden much if at all. We saw Mickey and a few others, watched the parade, had some food, and after three hours, we were ready to head back. To our OASIS! The Intercontinental is stunning. We may be a little out of our element here as we're not loaded, but I don't care. This place is great. I just wish we didn't have to check out tomorrow a.m. at 5:15 or so. Blah. We strolled the now 2 miles back to "our" neighborhood, randomly picked at place to eat (ask Troy about his and Aiden's bathroom experience!), and started back. Aiden, of course, crashed and I was lucky enough to get to carry him the last mile or so. Again. Blah. But we are settled in and about ready to call it a night as we are exhausted. Wake up call? O'Dark:30 (4:30 to be precise). Tomorrow, God willing, we will be in Changchun. We will be in the same city as Ethan. We are so close now!!!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the day.


  1. You're so close! Fun hearing about your Hong Kong experience as that will be us in a couple months. Glad the hurricane didn't slow you down and now comes the part you have been waiting for. Praying for you guys and little Ethan!!

  2. Sounds like it was a fun day afterall. Good luck tomorrow! One more step closet to your newest boy!