Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quiet Days

It was another quiet day. Troy made a trip to the local coffee shop and WalMart again. We had breakfast in our room. As it turns out, Ethan takes a.m. naps. The paperwork we got failed to mention this. So, we put him down for his nap around 10:00 and I got to washing load #2 of bathtub laundry. So not fun. For lunch, we ate at the Pizza Hut across the street. That was the big event of the day. Seriously delicious! Aiden ate three pieces of pepperoni. Obviously international travel can make a guy hungry. (Actually, he hadn't been eating all that well, so this was nice to see.) Interestingly enough, this meal (shared with our adoption buddies) was twice as expensive as eating "locally." It was 280RMB -- about $40 for two pizzas, some stir fried rice and four beers. The other night we got two large dishes (remember, I couldn't tell you what it was), two bowls of rice (with a lot of leftovers) and four beers for 140RMB. The *kind of* taste of home of The Hut was nice though.

Walking TO Pizza Hut. Aiden loves "Emmie".

Pepper steak pizza...and yes, that's corn

Walking back FROM Pizza Hut. Aiden also loves "Jemmy".

We were supposed to go to Ethan's finding place then, but taxis refused to take over four people, the max allowed, so we had to go with plan B. Jeremy and Emily agreed to watch Aiden while we go with Ethan to his finding spot the next day. So, we went to WalMart with Lillian so she could show us where to buy milk. We also bought some bananas (interesting - they have a weigh station and then you take them to check out). Afterwards, we took the boys to the play area again for a bit and then came back to the room.

Fun at the playground!

All tuckered out

Ethan is both a good eater (he wants to eat ALL THE TIME!) and sleeper, so it was nap time #2 for him. Actually, it was naptime for both the boys. Aiden was DONE IN. He is not used to getting up so early, and his little world has been turned upside down yet again, so he needed to sleep, too. And sleep they both did. Lillian had to come by at 6:00 to give us Ethan's paperwork, so we needed to wake the boys up before then. Neither of them was too pleased at the prospect and consequently cranky / wild. Instead of dragging them to a restuarant and tempting fate with their behavior, we ate what we had in the hotel: little hotdog type "things" for Ethan along with a banana and jello; Aiden had leftover chicken nuggets and jello; I had a sandwich from the local coffee shop, and Troy got leftover pizza. Talk about ecclectic. I think we may have to venture out in the near future regardless of the boys' tiredness level. Besides, there are only so many days left to eat authentic Chinese food -- of course here, it's just called food! ;)

Lillian did get here around 6:00 to give us some vital documents. (I managed to squeeze in a question about a spa we saw nearby, and she agreed to see about how much a massage there would be and to possibly take me! Yay!) We also got Ethan's baby book from Half the Sky. It's kind of heartbreaking. He is so skinny as to look malnourished in his first pictures. He hardly looks like the same kid. It is all in Chinese, so I will need to get it translated, but at least we can look at some earlier photos of him.

He still has me a little concerned. We are really going to have to work on bonding; although, he seems to be starting to connect with Daddy. Some things are concerning. It seems he doesn't know how to be held (like to wrap his legs around us); he certainly doesn't like to cuddle, even when he's getting a bottle; it appears he doesn't know how to give or receive a kiss, and he happily crawls into his crib and goes to sleep on his own. We have seen no real greiving. These are not the best signs in international toddler adoption. On a more postive note, he does make good eye contact and interacts with us. He follows Daddy and Aiden around. He imitates / mimics us. He seems bright. I wish I knew a few more words/phrases in Chinese. I realized today when he wanted to get down off the bed, he said bao bao (bow bow) which means hold me or pick me up. We taught him the sign for more at Pizza Hut and he immediately used it when he wanted another bite. He is generally a happy kid, but sometimes I worry that he is trying to manipulate us with his smile and head tilt etc. But, maybe, he's just being cute! We will pray for the best and prepare for the worst. We could use your prayers, too, that he will start attaching and bonding.

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