Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Killer Jet Lag

Since Aiden had gotten a grand total of 6 hours of sleep the previous 24 hours, one would have imagined that he would have fallen, exhausted, into bed as soon as we got his jammies on him last night. Nope. That was not to be our fate. Those of you well-versed in parenting probably can imagine. He was so beyond overtired, he was beside himself. He jumped on the bed, ran around the room, screamed, and did his soccer-slide with his arms in the air screaming, "I win!" Dad and Mom decided to set the example, even though I really wasn't feeling all that tired either. We crawled into bed, Troy almost instantly sawing logs while I slowly started off to drift. Until, of course, Aiden would whisper (and by whisper I mean bellow), "MOM!" and proceed to ramble nonsense to me and play with Nala, his blankets, his imaginary toys...whatever. It was well after midnight when he finally gave into exhaustion. Then, shortly after 4:30, I hear a little voice (and by little, I mean bellowing -- again), "Mom! Wake up!! MOM!!! TURN THE LIGHT ON!" No amount of logic could persuade him that it was still night time. Not even a glance out the window at the dark NIGHT sky. So. Here we are after a mere 4 hours of sleep (zero for us for the previous 28 and 6 for Aiden). Please pray for us. A four-year-old going on 10 hours of sleep over the past 36, in a strange, VERY busy city accompanied by 2 overtired, borderline aged parents could prove to be an interesting experiment. Oh well! I'm off to shower (Althought I don't know why I'd bother. It was a SUANA last night even at 10:00.)and start the day early. We'll see how long we last!


  1. Did you know that everytime you put "prayers" or "pray for us" in your blog it hyperlinks the word/phrase to Guess they think you need it as well. Good luck!

  2. I can't even imagine how tired you are! I hope you all get some good rest tonight!