Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What. A. Day!

I will begin with, we are safely in Hong Kong. Thanks for all the prayers!

Now, I will backtrack. The day (which day that is is somewhat foggy, however) started when I got up before my alarm, which is not surprising considering the circumstances. I think that, plus the ridiculously little sleep I was able to get, might serve to explain this post if it is disjointed and / or confusing, though.

Anyway, I was awake before 6:00 a.m. Wide awake. Which, if you know me at all, you know is a little unusual for me in the morning. Troy was up at 6:30, and we got Aiden up shortly after 7:00. Michelle was up before 7:00, too. (She had stayed the night to see us before we left. Yay!) Sean got to the house at the scheduled pick-up time of 8:00. We got to the airport and through security without any problems. It was then, though, that we already began to wish we had about 3 fewer articles of luggage.

The flight to Chicago was unenventful. We had a connection time of about an hour and 45 minutes there which proved to be plenty of time since we didn't have to change concourses much less terminals! We did end up sitting on the tarmac for an extra hour which is fabulous when you're facing a 15 hour flight. :( I just want to say, economy plus on a flight that long? Money WELL spent. Most importantly, though, Aiden was a trooper. He was truly amazing. He took an hour and a half nap a couple hours into the flight. Later, he slept another 4+ hours albeit fitfully. That being said, that totals 6 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours for a four year old. He's remarkable. He just now started to get crazy. Up until then, he was a a dream!!! So, I guess that means we need to get him to bed -- since we just got back from supper -- at where else? MCDONALDS!! hahaha No lie! He just got out of the shower, and is being all kinds of wild. I guess that stands to reason. It's about 10:30 here Wednesday night and we're all ready for bed. (I haven't had any sleep for about 28 hours. Woot woot!) Ergo, I will upload pictures tomorrow!

Night night!

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