Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Days 1 & 2 - We're in Beijing!

Well, we made it to Beijing! As Troy has said more than once since we got here, "We're not in Kansas anymore!" It's surreal. We've been up since 3:00 yesterday morning which is hard for us to comprehend since the sun never went down on our flight over the Arctic Circle. (Both flights were uneventful, thanks be to God!) Can I just say, a 14 hour flight seems interminable?! We had relatively comfortable seats in economy plus, but nothing really makes up for FOURTEEN HOURS IN A TIN CAN AT 38,000 FEET! :) Now we're trying to imange, or rather trying not to think about, the return flight with a two year old in seats not in economy plus. YIKES!

We've been up for 25 hours now and need to stay awake for another three at least. If we can stay up until 8:00, we will be close to getting our nights and days on track quickly. Actually, neither Troy nor I are that sleepy. Shell-shocked, yes. Sleepy, no. Our room here is nice but has a...well...distinct odor. I'm glad I brought a Yankee Candle car freshner with us! We put it in front of the A/C unit. We need the A/C today, too. It's about 82 degrees here and very smoggy.

Ok, I'm rambling for which I apologize. It has been a long day. We're off to the Summer Palace tomorrow a.m. In the afternoon we may wander, but thus far, the city seems to be lacking much charm. We'll try to find it, though! Till later....


  1. Hello There!!! I was surfing the Holt China web forums and saw your post about heading to China. So I clicked on your blog link, and once I saw your picture I realized that I think I know you! I'm pretty sure that you two were with my husband and I for the P.I.P class in Omaha back in November. Am I right?? Anyway just wanted to say that we are so, so happy for you that your gotcha day is so very close!! We will be praying that everything goes smoothly!!

  2. We just read your blog entry in 8th period Study Hall...we are so excited for you! We talked about you in geography class today as we are understanding Earth's rotation!

    We'll check back again later...enjoy Beijing!
    Mr. Olson's 8th Period Study Hall

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! :) This gives me butterflies!! I was going to text you but I was like waaaaait! They are getting little Aiden!! :) yay!! way excited!! But I Kyria called me and said..."its taking forever to get home!!" :) yeah made me happy I know your smiling right now Coaster! :) I am to! its all good! So anyway while I was reading this I was think gosh poor little Aiden is going to be thinking the same thing! But he is going to have two parents that he doesnt know and well he probably wont be fluent in english yet! But Just so you know! I am praying for you guys all the time and I know how exciting this is for you guys to finally be mommy and daddy to your OWN baby! :) not me! ;) Well keep me posted because I am soooooo excited!! :) wow! weird I am going to be a big sister to two little kids soon!! :) yay! :) PS Coaster glad the plan didnt crash!! :) I was worried all of Monday!!!