Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Down Day

Ok. There's not much news from today as it was kind of a "down day." I am posting an update, though, because I didn't want my students to think I had died! ;) Anyway, last night was kind of traumatic. We discovered eye glasses scare Aiden. Actually, they seem to terrify him. I felt terrible. We were going to Skype; I got ready for bed, put my glasses on, turned to Aiden to tell him to come to me, and he began to wail. It was beyond sad. He really hasn't taken to Troy yet (we're pretty sure he has had little to nothing to do with men - only women work as caregivers at orphanages), so he had nobody to really comfort him last night. He did go to Troy and eventually cried himself to sleep (really only cried for about 5 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity). This morning we woke up - late, at 6:30 - and he was still freaked out. Thankfully it only lasted about 15 - 20 minutes. The downside to him bonding with me? My arms are killing me! It feels like I've torn muscles in my biceps. This afternoon we went to a locals' restaraunt thanks to our guide, David. It was FABULOUS! There was more food than I can even describe. The total bill came to about $10 per person. Ridiculous. Too bad we've mostly eaten at touristy places that are way overpriced and not that good (although the food has been amazing). Now we're getting ready to go to an opera-type show and then an 18 course dumpling meal. Aiden only had an hour nap - ON me - today. He was kind of a handful at lunch, so we're praying he won't be exhausted and naughty tonight! Wish us luck!

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