Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Relaxing Day

Today was a pretty quiet day. We didn't get out of bed until a little after 7:00 due in part to Aiden's restless night. He cried out several times and tossed and turned a lot. We repacked a little to see if we need another piece of a luggage; we're pretty sure we do. We may have gone a little crazy with souveniers here in China. Huh. Wierd. That doesn't sound like me....
We went for a late breakfast and then hit the playroom. After that, it was naptime for Aiden. Since he was sleeping for a bit, I dediced I deserved a 70 minute foot rub. After all, it was only 88 Yuan (about $14). Yeah. Ow!!! Seriously. I'm relatively certain these guys got a masters' degree in torture and sadism. They had me stick my feet into water that literally burned my legs. I almost cried. Eventaully, of course, my legs went numb, or I thought they had, but when they started to "rub" my feet and calves, I realized they were not numb enough! By coincidence, a fellow Xi'an traveler, Bob, was there at the same time as I was, and we had our massages at the same time. He is a former beat cop from Pittsburgh and a DEA agent, and he was almost in tears. We figured that a Cat 5 typhoon will be nothing in comparison.
When I came home, Daddy and the boy were playing nicely together. I told Troy, the look on Aiden's face when he saw me walk through the door was worth the $30,000! His face split into an elated grin that melted my heart. The hug that followed ensured I would be wrapped around his finger forever! It was so nice, too, that Daddy and son had some more time together.
We went down to the Deli and grabbed a couple sandwhiches and some chips for a late lunch outside. The wind is really picking up around here. Aiden was a super good boy at meal time again, but nothing will compare with supper last night. He was an angel. We went to a pretty swanky restaurant. We hadn't realized that until we were already inside. Fortunately, Aiden stole the show. It was a pretty locals-only type crowd and the waitresses really didn't speak much English, but they loved Aiden!
We went shopping again after lunch today. Our little guy is starting to assert some independence and made walking the streets a challenge. He still wants to be held a majority of the time, but when he's down, he sometimes likes to run ahead. When we got back, we went to spend some time out by the pool and then in the playroom again. We're back in the room for some time for Aiden - he likes to have some alone time. Soon we'll be off to supper. I'm hoping to talk Troy into the Cow and Bridge, Thai food, but I'm not holding my breath. Then we'll do our last bit of shopping. Tomorrow we leave Guangzhou. Sad. I love it here! Well, hopefully we'll be back again someday!! ;)
Pictures: Out by the pool and my burnt leg!!

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