Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here We Go!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a big day, and we were exhausted by the time it was time to call it a night. Yesterday morning was orientation. We got three new pictures and new information about Aiden. What we learned is, he might be a handful! His caregivers say he is quiet and timid and helps "comfort the younger children." He usually is willing to share his toys, BUT if he doesn't want to and they would try to force him, he would throw his toy and run away. Uh oh! Also, if his caregivers ignored him while handing out toys or food, he wouldn't cry, but he WOULD "make a voice" to get their attention. Again. Uh oh! The actual scary information we got, though, was that he is very scared of strangers. If somebody he doesn't know tries to hug him, he will run away. This is not good. We are truly worried about today. Please pray for us.
That was the most important part of our day. After orientation, we went to the Forbidden City. I cannot describe the scale of it. It was impressive and beautiful. I took just shy of a gazillion pictures. Everywhere I turned, there was a photo op! Thank goodness for digital cameras!! We walked through the Forbidden City to Tiannamen Square. Talk about a massive space. According to our guide, about 1 million people can fit in there. We got our shot of Troy, me and Chairman Mao. :) We also took a picture of one of the two remaining original gates to the city. It's barely visible because of the smog. It's been that way the whole time. Annoying. We visited a silk factory where I refrained from buying anything. Yay me! When we got home, we decided we needed to visit the night market and go get a picture of the oldest (implying there is more than one!) Catholic church in Beijing. We wandered the streets and fell in love with the city. Of course we did. We're leaving! Like Troy always says, though. Just know we'll come back!
I have to sign off now. We leave in 20 minutes for the airport. We are finally off to get Aiden. (God willing. Please pray we get there!) The time is here. Oh my goodness!!!! :) :) :)