Thursday, October 14, 2010

Terra Cotta Warriors

We just got back from the Terra Cotta Warriors. It was impressive! It's hard to imagine they were made over 2200 years ago. The vastness of the museum / site is hard to comprehend, as I'm finding with a lot of sights in China! Troy has mentioned it would be so cool to take his 6th graders on field trips here! He thinks they'd LOVE it!
We left the hotel around 9:00 this morning after breakfast. A side note, meal times, which we had initially thought would be a piece of cake, are turning into challenges. The kid thinks he's a regular comedian. We'll talk more about that later, too. Anyway, we woke up at 5:30 because Aiden woke up coughing. That would not have been too bad, but it was after midnight when I went to sleep last night, so I was / am a little tired. We got to the original kiln about an hour after we left the hotel. We toured that and bought a small replica of a warrior as a momento of Aiden's home province. It was another 1/2 hour after that tour to the actual site of the warriors. Aiden will still have nothing of Troy carrying him and has decided he hates the Baby Ergo (carrier), so I have to haul him around. This is the third day of lugging him around, and my arms and back are starting to scream! The first site would have been sufficient for us; it was what you typically see when you see documentaries or information about the warriors. It was not to be, though. It was on to the video (standing only), and then a walk to the restaraunt for lunch. Aiden was WAY over tired by this point, and Mommy wasn't holding up much better. To make matters worse, they had no seats for Aiden, and when he's on my lap, he thinks it's cute to grab stuff on the table. This time, my guard was down, and he managed to snag a cup of hot noodle soup. Of course it found its way to my lap. Fun. So, Troy had to hold him while I tried to find a way to clean up as we still had an hour of the tour left. You should have heard the fit he pitched. In fact, some of you may have! Another fun tidbit, bathrooms here are NOT like they are back home. Ask me when we get back if you're interested! There was no way to clean up, so I just air dried on the rest of the tour, all the while lugging our little turkey around. At this point, he's not feeling so little even though he is itty bitty. Thankfully by the time we got to the bronze chariots, he conked out. This kid can sleep anywhere and through anything. It's crazy! Troy got to hold him while we waited to reassemble and on the hour long trip back to the hotel. It was a nice respite!
We don't have a lot planned for the rest of the day and night. We're going to grab a bite to eat and start getting our stuff ready for our trip out tomorrow. We leave for Guangzhou around 6:00 tomorrow night. SO, Heritage students, I will not be posting tomorrow in all likelihood!! God willing we make it to our next destination, I will post on our local Saturday sometime. :) Pray for our safe flight though, ok?!?! We hope you have a great rest of the week; it's hard to imagine we're finishing up here in Xi'an and coming to the close of our most amazing week EVER!


  1. Oh Sturg! that will be a nice plane trip because you will be a mommy so that will be a bigger concern then you being in a plane! ;) I see that someone is a good mommy! :) Its a job huh!! Yeah try carrying Leigha around! when she was sad I did! :) Its a huge reward because no one will take him from you (well maybe me, but its ok he will come visit ;)) Well text me when you get back! I feel like I havent talked to you in forever! Its been 10 days! OH LANTA! Ok good luck guys!!

  2. Can't wait until you are home and we can meet the little guy in person! However, I think I'll avoid meal time for awhile!! Hope the flight went okay today.

  3. Glad everything seems to have went well. Your adventure sounds like it had a little bit of everything. We are looking forward to seeing your family. Enjoy the change to your life. It will be very rewarding. Swateks